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My husband and I had a mission and that was to personally devote our time to helping families find their perfect soul puppy. As when we started looking for our very own puppy we got so tired of looking and still not finding exactly what we were looking for. There were so many websites and puppies to view but, we kept noticing that the pick of the litters were always usually sold first. That is when we said  it be great if we had a website with pick of the litter puppies that we actually hand selected ourselves instead of just mediocre quality puppies? Well that is what started the Dream Land Puppies.

We have partnered with a fabulous breeders that also has the highest standards when it comes to breeding quality  Puppies, teacup sized puppies and we devote our time in providing healthy, puppies to loving families. Quality can been seen throughout our website. We select only the highest quality and you can be rest assured our puppies are the best of best. We work with a very close friend in Asia, Europe, Africa & South America to provide you with the best of the best. Our puppies are very different than what you can find here in the USA. We pride ourselves in provide puppies that are true teacups. Teacups are much more common in Asia, Europe, Africa & South America as they have been breeding them a lot longer than breeders in the USA. Our puppies are bred to have the extreme baby doll faces!

We work one on one with each puppy on puppy pad training, socializing each puppy with our other pets and getting them used to all the sounds they will hear a normal household. We also work with them eating dry food on their own as we do not like sending puppies home on soft food. We like them to be used to everything going on in a home on a day to day basis. We hold and love on each puppy everyday. So, when you get a puppy from Dream Land Puppies you will feel confident that you are getting a well socialized puppy that was raised with lots of tender, loving care. We have 4 chihuahuas of our own who love the new puppies when they come to our home. We have found that our two chihuahuas teach the puppies things and it seems they make the transition a lot easier for the new puppies. It is always so much fun to sit in the floor with all of them and watch and interact with them. We really enjoy what we do and feel it is a super important job and will make the world of difference for you and your new puppy.  Our puppies are delivered to you ready to play and will fit in very quickly like they have been there since day one. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that we do not sell our puppies to breeders usually. They are sold to be forever, loving pets for our loving families who purchase them.
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